Brightcove Player

  1. Login to your Brightcove account.

  2. Navigate to your Brightcove players page and then select the player you want to add the plugin to.

  3. Click the "PLUGINS" section of sidebar menu.

  4. Click "Add a Plugin" and choose "Custom Plugin"

    Brightcove custom plugin

  5. Into the "Plugin Name" field enter wtAdTracer.

  6. Into the "JavaScript URL" field enter either if you're using the IMA sdk or for Freewheel.

  7. Into the "Options(JSON)" field enter:

    "apiKey": "<Watching That API key>"

    See the configuration options for some other options you can use for the plugin (only apiKey is required). You can retrieve the API key from the Watching That app.

    Brightcove plugin settings

  8. Then finally press the Save button at the bottom of the plugin section.

  9. Republish the player to set the plugin live. Data should start appearing in your Watching That dashboard within 15 minutes.

Deeper integration#

Check out our integration guide to start pulling video and player names from your Brightcove account so that you don't have to look at hard to decipher IDs.