Freewheel API Integration

  1. Contact your Freewheel rep to help you create a Freewheel user with API access only (no MRM access). You will be asked to fill in a form to describe how are you going to use the API.
  2. In the form provide the following answers:
    • APIs intended to use: Advertisers, Creatives, Partner Info, Sites, Site Sections, Series, Videos, Placement, Ad Unit, Ad Unit Node
    • Will APIs be called on demand? If yes, which ones? Yes, all
    • Will APIs be called on a schedule? If yes, which ones? No, none
    • Will you be using Network module APIs (e.g, Video API, Site Section API) to perform full library updates (i.e., not delta files) to your network? If so, how often? No
    • Average number of requests per day expected? 200 API calls per endpoint per day
    • What IP Addresses will calls be made from? Variable from the AWS pool
  3. Once Freewheel has processed the form, and the user has been created, login to your Watching That account and go to the Freewheel API integration page.
  4. Fill in the username and password and click Connect to Freewheel.

Once these steps are done you should immediately notice friendly names and other metadata in app instead of just IDs.