Akamai Adaptive Media Player

The plugin url for the US zone is


and for EU is


Depending on your contractual agreement with us your data could be hosted in US, Europe or other zone. Make sure you use the correct plugin url otherwise your data will not be routed correctly.

Integrating the Akamai Adaptive Media Player (AMP) with the Watching That plugin is simply a matter of adding the plugin configuration to the player config object like so:

const config = {
// the rest of the AMP configuration
plugins: {
wtAdTracer: {
resources: [
{ src: '<one of the urls from above>', type: 'text/javascript', async: true },
config: {
apiKey: '<Watching That API key>',
// other plugins here
akamai.amp.AMP.create('amp', config);

See the configuration options for some other config params you can use for the plugin (only apiKey is required).

You can retrieve the API key from the Watching That app.