Accessing GAM Log Files

GAM log files (or data transfer reports) are a feature of GAM Premium. These log files contain data about every ad request, impression, ad quartiles, etc, including the cms metadata you might have set up and other dimensions.

The specific files we need for ingestion are

NetworkRequests, NetworkBackfillRequests
NetworkCodeServes, NetworkBackfillCodeServes
NetworkImpressions, NetworkBackfillImpressions
NetworkVideoConversions, NetworkBackfillVideoConversions
NetworkClicks, NetworkBackfillClicks

Additionally, we can also ingest NetworkBackfillBids if you want to see bidding information.

Please follow the steps below to give Watching That access to the GAM log files:

  1. Give read access to the bucket, by inviting the account to the Google group you created when setting up the bucket.
  2. Give our service account,, read access to the bucket. This enables us to programmatically access the files. Since this is a service account, click direct add members to add this email address, instead of invite.